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Long, long time ago, in the 1979, in a town called Kiel, northern Germany, only a few moments after birth, they gave me name Michael. Three years later, for reasons known only to him, my father packed his things along with his family, and returned to our lovely bay of Boka, leaving the state that allowed him to, as a young man, a foreigner, works and earns his bread. What was it that came across his mind- we are wondering since then.
How we lived..well, somehow we did. I guess it was ok during the eighties, I mean…it was ok for those who managed to find their way. In the meantime, I finished school and some kind of electro technical course, and in 1996 I broke my neck while jumping into the sea. More precisely, I simply hit the sand on the bottom, since it was too shallow… I used to jump from the same spot a million times before, but I guess once things go wrong. From that moment, a different life begins. Different way of living, different way of thinking, new habits…new interests.

Last 20 years I am a professional photographer certified by the Association of Professional Photographers of Montenegro. I’m also certified by New York Institute of photography. 2014. I won a prestigious award ”Wild Beauty Award 2014”, awarded by the President of Montenegro. I have three exhibition. 2012. Explore Tivat,  2016. fine nude art bodyscape STORM and 2018. MNE Fashion Week.

In 2020. I was part of GuruShots  trhee Exibitions. Best of Black&White (BBA Gallery, 13. Nov, Berlin), Photogenic (Gora Gallery, 9. Nov, Montreal) and Art of Black&White (Kontrast Gallery, 3.Dec, Stockholm).

In 2021. I was part of GuruShots Exhibition “Best of Black & White” – 19. March, Athens, Greek etc.

My assistant Vlado and I work together on a variety of photographic and video works. Some of it can be seen at the website. Also,please check our reference list.

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