Please let me know what you think about my work.



  • Thanks Miko for all the great shots, we will continue to use you for all of our parties. Keep up the good work!

  • Segenj Ivanka

    Nemoguce je zamisliti bilo kakvo desavanje vezano za ONE bez tebe , a odnos je odavno prevazisao neke profesionalne okvire .Sretan rad 🙂

  • Dear Miko, you are doing an amazing job! Thank you for making wonderful photos for Misahara!
    Keep on doing the wonderful job 🙂

  • E ovako :), pričaću u svoje ime i u ime Turističke organizacije Tivat. Tvoje fotografije jednostavno govore mnogo više od riječi. Prezdovoljni smo tobom i tvojim radom. Sve pohvale za fotografije koje na krase sajt, kao i sve ostale

  • Miko is one of the best photographer i ever meet.
    Professionalism and good humor is his strength…
    And his camera is magic !!

  • Miko, your pics of stunning Montenegro and beautiful people are great! Keep it up and never give up on is as everything what u do is amazing! much love xx

  • Although we had a challenging weather conditions on the shooting day, you did a great job and delivered beautiful photos!
    Damir Moskov

  • Fantastic and very appreciated artist. We have excellent cooperation with Miko, and are always very happy with the great photos he does.

    Slavica, Knightsbridge Schools International

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